Sermons on Lordship (Page 3)

More Than a Carol (Matthew 2:1-12)

Even people who don’t know much about the Bible have heard of the wise men who visited Jesus after His birth. A lot of what we think we know about them is not in Scripture. But beyond the facts, their quest to find the Messiah can teach us a couple valuable lessons.

Real Worship (John 4:21-24)

Our finite nature tends to make us want to localize our worship of God. Many think that He can only be worshiped in certain places. But Jesus makes it very clear that God can be worshiped anywhere, anytime. In God’s eyes there are no places more sacred than any others.

Stingy Grace (Jonah 4:1-11)

God has been so graceful with us. Yet it can be easy to withhold grace to others, especially if they’re not like us. This was the trap into which Jonah fell. He was ready to die before he’d go preach repentance to the people of Nineveh. Can we fall victim to stingy grace today?

My Way or God’s? (Matthew 12:10-14)

Would we be surprised if God wanted to do something completely different? It’s easy to get in a spiritual rut, personally or in the church. That’s never the work of God. Not only is He creative, He created creativity. But we can become very comfortable in our daily walk. Too comfortable. We begin to work God into our agenda, instead of the other way around. But Jesus stands ready to blow up our staid orthodoxy and to breathe His freshness…