Sermons on Christmas

More Than a Carol (Matthew 2:1-12)

Even people who don’t know much about the Bible have heard of the wise men who visited Jesus after His birth. A lot of what we think we know about them is not in Scripture. But beyond the facts, their quest to find the Messiah can teach us a couple valuable lessons.

Simple Truths (Luke 1:26-38)

The narrative of the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary is beautiful in its simplicity. But we would be remiss to not see the wonderful truths in their meeting.

What God Says at Christmas (Luke 2:1-18)

As the events of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem unfold, we see God’s hand in everything happening. Pastor Bruce retells the account, stopping along the way to point out aspects of God’s love and grace. From the journey Mary and Joseph make to Bethlehem to the triumphal announcement of the angels, we see that God has much to say to us.

God Makes It Personal (Jeremiah 31:31-34)

God made a covenant with Israel at Mount Sinai, but they couldn’t keep it. God knew they would not be able to obey and honor Him. No one can do this in our initial sinful condition. But God had a new covenant in mind from before time began. This new covenant would bring Him into our very hearts and minds. And the One who would initiate this new covenant was Jesus Christ. As we consider Jesus’ birth, we see Emmanuel,…

Why the Virgin Birth Matters

Both Matthew and Luke record Jesus’ miraculous birth as a settled historical fact. But over the years the reality of the virgin birth has been repeatedly attacked. Pastor Bruce examines the Scriptural evidence for this doctrine, both explicit and implicit. He then gives reasons why believing in the virgin birth is important to our faith.