Sermons on Heaven

Free Indeed (Colossians 1:13-14)

We were all born with a sin nature. Not only does this make us do wrong things, it enslaves us to sin. Jesus came to free us from that bondage. Through His death and resurrection those who trust in Him for salvation have been rescued from the power and influence of sin. God transfers us from the darkness of sin to His glorious kingdom.

The Power of God’s Presence (Isaiah 6:1-8)

Words cannot adequately describe Isaiah’s vision of the throneroom of God. What we do know is that he was confronted with God’s awesome holiness and power. Compared to this, Isaiah recognized his sinful condition. But God readily cleansed him and prepared him for service. Chances are you will not experience a vision like Isaiah’s. But if you are a true follower of Jesus you you can know God’s power and presence personally.

Souls for Sale

Pastor Chuck explains why it is so important to give your life to Jesus Christ. It’s not just about where you’ll spend eternity. You also have an eternal mission on earth to complete.