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More Than a Light Show

Sermon text: 2 Corinthians 4:6 On the first day of creation God created light. Light dispels darkness. But light and darkness are also used in Scripture to describe good and evil. This means that light is regularly linked with Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul connects all of this in the focal passage. The same creative power God used to bring light into being is at work when someone comes to saving faith in Jesus.

Good News

Sermon text: John 3:16-21 The third chapter of John’s gospel centers on a nighttime conversation between Jesus and the Pharisee Nicodemus. This passage ends with one of the strongest gospel presentations in all of Scripture. There is debate as to whether Jesus said these words or they were written by John. Regardless, they are given to us by God. In these six verses we see the great love of God, the singular sacrifice of Jesus, and the two possible responses…

The Promised Light

The Bible is chock full of references to light and darkness. Many times these are in reference to spiritual realities. Light denotes holiness and good, while darkness is sin and depravity. Several of these light and darkness passages are prophecies of the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Taking Stock (1 John 1:1-10)

The apostle John begins his first epistle by declaring that he was an eyewitness to Jesus’ earthly ministry. He explains that belief in Jesus leads to eternal life and fellowship with God, Jesus, and those who believe in Him. John then states without reservation that God is light and no darkness exists in Him at all. With this truth as a starting point, John draws a clear distinction between a life of light and one of darkness. He makes it…

Shine the Light (Ephesians 5:8-14)

The apostle Paul makes it very clear to the believers in Ephesus that they were different from the culture around them. The central text of this sermon shows us that those who are not Christians are actually darkness. Not just in darkness, but actually darkness. Conversely, followers of Jesus Christ are light. This speaks to two diametrically opposed essences and worldviews. This incompatibility should lead believers to avoid adopting the practices of the lost world. At the same time, we…

Make Today Count (Ephesians 5:15-17)

Accepting Jesus as your Savior and Lord turns you from a child of darkness into a child of the light. Paul makes it clear in the focal text that children of the light must use the time we have wisely and accurately.