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More Than a Book

Topical Sermon Sermon 2 in our series “More Than Checking the Boxes.” The Bible is our guide for life. Yet, its importance can get lost in the rush of daily life. If it mattered enough to God to write it and preserve it, shouldn’t it matter enough to us to know what’s in it? Not just a surface awareness of its contents, either. No, a deep, abiding appreciation for and understanding of Scripture. This is what we need to grow,…

Living by the Book (1 Thessalonians 2:13)

God gave us the Scriptures so that we could know Him and live for Him. The Bible is the best selling book of all time. But how many have actually read it? And reading the Bible is only the first step. We must heed what it tells us and let it lead our lives. When this becomes a reality for us, we will find we need it more and more.

Our Guide for Life (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

The apostle Paul makes it clear that the Scriptures are given to us by God. In fact, Paul explains that they are literally “God breathed.” While written by over 40 human authors, it was the Holy Spirit who inspired each of them. The result is a cohesive message which is without error in its original manuscripts. Because of this we can rely on Scripture as our guide for life. Paul explains in the focal verses that Scripture has many practical…