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Mark: Lesson 7

Lesson text: Mark 3:20-35 The second half of chapter three brings Jesus’ earthly family into focus. They are concerned for His well-being as He ministers to the throngs who seek His help. While these well-meaning relatives and friends believe Jesus has lost His mind, the Jewish scribes on hand posit a much darker occurrence. They accuse Jesus of being not only possessed of a demon, but actually working in league with Satan. In turn, Jesus responds to both the scribes…

Mark: Lesson 1

Lesson text: Mark 1:1-15 We begin our study of Mark’s gospel with an examination of John the Baptist, his mission and his ministry. We then turn to Jesus’ baptism, His time in the wilderness with Satan, and the beginning of His ministry in Galilee. The lesson worksheet will help guide you through each lesson, and you are free to print, copy, and share with others. Lesson worksheet Header image by CSalem from Pixabay