The Romans Road

Mark: Lesson 19

Lesson text: Mark 8:22-36 The second half of the eighth chapter of Mark’s gospel is momentous. This is a pivot point in the narrative of Jesus’ earthly mission. For the first time, Jesus plainly explains to His disciples why He has come. While they are expecting that Jesus will set up his earthly reign, He explains that He is destined to die on a cross. Peter is not having any of it, and he lets Jesus know. Jesus in turn…

Mark: Lesson 18

Lesson text: Mark 8:1-21Mark records Jesus feeding the 4000 in the area of the Decapolis to start chapter 8. On the heels of this miracle the Pharisees appear on the scene again. They request that Jesus give them a sign, which He promptly refuses to do. Getting into a boat with His disciples, the group heads out into the Sea of Galilee. Jesus warns them about the leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod, which they completely misunderstand. Lesson worksheet…

Mark: Lesson 17

Lesson text: Mark 7:24-37 Jesus and His disciples make their way to Phoenicia. There Jesus encounters a Gentile woman whose daughter is demon-possessed. What follows is a fun and instructive conversation between the Lord and this desperate mother. The group then travels to the Decapolis, where the crowd brings Jesus a deaf man who also has a speech impediment. Jesus’ encounter with this man is unique and personal. Lesson worksheet Header photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash.

Mark: Lesson 16

Lesson text: Mark 7:1-23 The matter of ceremonial defilement is front and center as chapter 7 begins. Jesus is challenged by Pharisees from Jerusalem. They take issue with the fact that Jesus’ disciples do not follow the regulations for ritual hand washing before eating. Jesus first responds to these men, pointing out that they elevate man’s tradition over God’s law. He uses their legal loopholes in denying financial assistance to their parents as a glaring example. He then explains to…

Mark: Lesson 15

Lesson text: Mark 6:45-56 An action-packed chapter comes to a close with Jesus performing yet another new type of miracle. After feeding the 5,000 He sends the disciples away to cross over the sea to Bethsaida. Strong winds hinder their progress. Late in the evening Jesus approaches them, walking on the water. The disciples are afraid, thinking this to be a ghost. Jesus again challenges their concept of who He really is and why they are with Him. Lesson worksheet…

Mark: Lesson 14

Lesson text: Mark 6:30-44 Jesus’ feeding of the 5000 is the only miracle He performed which is in all four gospels. The disciples had just gotten back from their first evangelistic mission without Jesus. John the Baptist had recently been murdered by Herod Antipas. It was time for rest and refueling. But the crowd still pressed in. Yet Jesus was not angered or resistant to them. Instead He showed them great compassion. Lesson worksheet

Mark: Lesson 13

Lesson text: Mark 6:14-29 John the Baptist has been very vocal about Herod Antipas’ marriage. Herod had divorced his wife in order to marry his brother’s wife. This is illegal according to Jewish law. But John sees it as an affront to God’s righteousness as well. Unfortunately for John, his complaints to Herod anger Herodias, Herod’s wife. It also ensnares John in a substantial amount of political intrigue. Then one dance seals John’s fate. Lesson worksheet Header image by Gianluca Carenza on Unsplash.

Mark: Lesson 12

Lesson text: Mark 6:1-13 An eventful chapter begins with Jesus and His disciples going to Nazareth. Though a native son, Jesus is met with derision and animosity when He teaches in the synagogue. Seeing no real faith among the people of His hometown, Jesus and His group move on. Next, He sends out the Twelve to evangelize in the surrounding towns. His instructions to them as they depart point to total dependence in God’s provision. Lesson worksheet Header image by Andrew…

Mark: Lesson 11

Lesson text: Mark 5:21-43 This section of Mark contains a miracle account within a miracle account. Jesus is approached by synagogue leader Jairus, whose daughter is gravely ill. Jesus agrees to heal the girl and they head to Jairus’ home, along with a huge crowd. But en route, a desperately ill woman touches Jesus, hoping for healing. This bold act on her part gets Jesus’ attention, leading to an enlightening conversation. Lesson worksheet Header image by Patrick Gillespie on Unsplash.

Mark: Lesson 10

Lesson text: Mark 5:1-20 Jesus encounters a demon-possessed man on the east side of the Sea of Galilee. In fact, the man is possessed with many demons. He introduces himself as Legion and pleads with Jesus to not drive the demons from the area. Instead, he asks Jesus to allow the demons to enter a herd of pigs. Jesus gives His permission and the demons transfer from the man to the herd. Startled, the pigs rush into the sea and…