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The Romans Road: Part 4

Lesson text: Romans 10:9-10 We complete our tour through the Romans Road with a call to action. Until now the core verses have explained man’s sinful condition and God’s loving solution. The final passage tells the unbeliever what they must do to be saved. Sermon: “The Boldness of Faith”Peter and John were arrested for preaching about Jesus and His resurrection. During their trial before the Sanhedrin Peter again boldly proclaimed the truth of the gospel. Their faith gave them the…

The Romans Road: Part 3

Lesson text: Romans 5:8 God shows His great love on more ways than we could ever imagine. But the pinnacle of that love was on display at the cross of Calvary. And what is truly amazing about this is that He did it knowing the rebellion and wickedness of humanity. Sermon: “Calvary”In order to gain an understanding of God’s love, it’s vital to grasp the importance of what Jesus did on the cross. This sermon recounts the events of the…

The Romans Road: Part 2

Lesson text: Romans 6:23 This is the turning point in the Romans Road gospel presentation. Up to now the focus has been on humanity’s sin. Now we see the change from our hopeless sin problem to deliverance through faith in Jesus. Sermon: “A Scary Story” The sermon focuses on the parable of Lazarus and the rich man from Luke 16:19-31 and serves as the lead-in to this Bible study. Lesson Page