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Mark: Lesson 35

Lesson text: Mark 14:43-65 Judas agrees to betray Jesus to the Jewish leaders, choosing the garden of Gethsemane as the place of his betrayal. Once in custody, Jesus is brought before the Sanhedrin. They are looking for some charge that ill allow them to sentence Him to death. Ultimately they declare that Jesus is guilty of blasphemy. Lesson worksheet Header image by Stacey Franco on Unsplash.

Mark: Lesson 7

Lesson text: Mark 3:20-35 The second half of chapter three brings Jesus’ earthly family into focus. They are concerned for His well-being as He ministers to the throngs who seek His help. While these well-meaning relatives and friends believe Jesus has lost His mind, the Jewish scribes on hand posit a much darker occurrence. They accuse Jesus of being not only possessed of a demon, but actually working in league with Satan. In turn, Jesus responds to both the scribes…

Mark: Lesson 4

Lesson text: Mark 2:1-12 Most people have heard the account that begins Mark chapter 2. Four men drop their paralytic friend through the roof so that Jesus can heal him. Jesus’ first response is to tell the men that because of their faith the paralytic man’s sins are forgiven. This is the point where this encounter becomes much more than just a “story” told in children’s church. Lesson worksheet Header image by Guy Kawasaki on Unsplash