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Mark: Lesson 16

Lesson text: Mark 7:1-23 The matter of ceremonial defilement is front and center as chapter 7 begins. Jesus is challenged by Pharisees from Jerusalem. They take issue with the fact that Jesus’ disciples do not follow the regulations for ritual hand washing before eating. Jesus first responds to these men, pointing out that they elevate man’s tradition over God’s law. He uses their legal loopholes in denying financial assistance to their parents as a glaring example. He then explains to…

Mark: Lesson 15

Lesson text: Mark 6:45-56 An action-packed chapter comes to a close with Jesus performing yet another new type of miracle. After feeding the 5,000 He sends the disciples away to cross over the sea to Bethsaida. Strong winds hinder their progress. Late in the evening Jesus approaches them, walking on the water. The disciples are afraid, thinking this to be a ghost. Jesus again challenges their concept of who He really is and why they are with Him. Lesson worksheet…

Mark: Lesson 14

Lesson text: Mark 6:30-44 Jesus’ feeding of the 5000 is the only miracle He performed which is in all four gospels. The disciples had just gotten back from their first evangelistic mission without Jesus. John the Baptist had recently been murdered by Herod Antipas. It was time for rest and refueling. But the crowd still pressed in. Yet Jesus was not angered or resistant to them. Instead He showed them great compassion. Lesson worksheet Header image from

Mark: Lesson 13

Lesson text: Mark 6:14-29 John the Baptist has been very vocal about Herod Antipas’ marriage. Herod had divorced his wife in order to marry his brother’s wife. This is illegal according to Jewish law. But John sees it as an affront to God’s righteousness as well. Unfortunately for John, his complaints to Herod anger Herodias, Herod’s wife. It also ensnares John in a substantial amount of political intrigue. Then one dance seals John’s fate. Lesson worksheet Header image by Gianluca Carenza on Unsplash.