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Mark: Lesson 36

Lesson text: Mark 14:66-15:15 Jesus has been arrested and is now standing trial before the Sanhedrin. Outside, Peter is sticking close. But a servant girl recognizes him and says he was with Jesus. Peter denies this. In short order, he denies Jesus twice more. At this, he hears the cock crow, reminding him that Jesus said Peter would deny Him. As night turns to morning, the Sanhedrin bring Jesus to Pontius Pilate. They need Pilate to endorse their death sentence.…

Mark: Lesson 35

Lesson text: Mark 14:43-65 Judas agrees to betray Jesus to the Jewish leaders, choosing the garden of Gethsemane as the place of his betrayal. Once in custody, Jesus is brought before the Sanhedrin. They are looking for some charge that ill allow them to sentence Him to death. Ultimately they declare that Jesus is guilty of blasphemy. Lesson worksheet Header image by Stacey Franco on Unsplash.