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Mark: Lesson 30

Lesson text: Mark 12:35-44; Mark 13:1-2 As Jesus completes His public ministry, a few matters remain. Sitting in the temple, He asks how the Messiah can be David’s Son and his Lord? This is another challenge to the Jewish leaders’ understanding of Scripture. He then warns the people of the hypocrisy and self-serving nature of the scribes. Just before leaving the temple, Jesus notices a widow giving all she has as an offering. Her generosity is a stark contrast to…

Mark: Lesson 21

Lesson text: Mark 9:14-29 Jesus and his “inner circle” of Peter, James, and John come down from the mountain to a major uproar. The other disciples are in an argument with some Jewish scribes. The dispute seems to be centered around a demon-possessed boy. The nine who didn’t go up the mountain cannot exorcise the demon. The boy’s father is beside himself. In the midst of this turmoil stands Jesus. What he does and says next are lessons on the…

Mark: Lesson 4

Lesson text: Mark 2:1-12 Most people have heard the account that begins Mark chapter 2. Four men drop their paralytic friend through the roof so that Jesus can heal him. Jesus’ first response is to tell the men that because of their faith the paralytic man’s sins are forgiven. This is the point where this encounter becomes much more than just a “story” told in children’s church. Lesson worksheet Header image by Guy Kawasaki on Unsplash