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Mark: Lesson 18

Lesson text: Mark 8:1-21 Mark records Jesus feeding the 4000 in the area of the Decapolis to start chapter 8. On the heels of this miracle the Pharisees appear on the scene again. They request that Jesus give them a sign, which He promptly refuses to do. Getting into a boat with His disciples, the group heads out into the Sea of Galilee. Jesus warns them about the leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod, which they completely misunderstand. Lesson…

Mark: Lesson 16

Lesson text: Mark 7:1-23 The matter of ceremonial defilement is front and center as chapter 7 begins. Jesus is challenged by Pharisees from Jerusalem. They take issue with the fact that Jesus’ disciples do not follow the regulations for ritual hand washing before eating. Jesus first responds to these men, pointing out that they elevate man’s tradition over God’s law. He uses their legal loopholes in denying financial assistance to their parents as a glaring example. He then explains to…

Mark: Lesson 6

Lesson text: Mark 3:1-19 The first part of chapter three completes the conflict section begun in lesson 4. Jesus is watched closely by the Pharisees as He heals a man on the Sabbath. In the aftermath of this, the plot to kill Jesus begins to take shape. Knowing this, Jesus and His followers go down to the Sea of Galilee. There He heals many and drives out demons. People come from many miles away, far outside of Galilee, to be…

Mark: Lesson 5

Lesson text: Mark 2:13-28 This lesson covers the three central passages in Mark’s early section on the growing animosity toward Jesus on the part of the Jewish leaders. Jesus calls Matthew to be a disciple, after which they dine with tax collectors and “sinners.” The Pharisees then ask Jesus why He and his disciples do not practice fasting. Finally, the question of the Sabbath comes to the forefront, and Jesus makes its purpose clear. Lesson Worksheet Header image by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash.

Mark: Lesson 4

Lesson text: Mark 2:1-12 Most people have heard the account that begins Mark chapter 2. Four men drop their paralytic friend through the roof so that Jesus can heal him. Jesus’ first response is to tell the men that because of their faith the paralytic man’s sins are forgiven. This is the point where this encounter becomes much more than just a “story” told in children’s church. Lesson worksheet Header image by Guy Kawasaki on Unsplash