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Mark: Lesson 16

Lesson text: Mark 7:1-23 The matter of ceremonial defilement is front and center as chapter 7 begins. Jesus is challenged by Pharisees from Jerusalem. They take issue with the fact that Jesus’ disciples do not follow the regulations for ritual hand washing before eating. Jesus first responds to these men, pointing out that they elevate man’s tradition over God’s law. He uses their legal loopholes in denying financial assistance to their parents as a glaring example. He then explains to…

The Romans Road: Part 2

Lesson text: Romans 6:23 This is the turning point in the Romans Road gospel presentation. Up to now the focus has been on humanity’s sin. Now we see the change from our hopeless sin problem to deliverance through faith in Jesus. Sermon: “A Scary Story” The sermon focuses on the parable of Lazarus and the rich man from Luke 16:19-31 and serves as the lead-in to this Bible study. Lesson Page