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Mark: Lesson 11

Lesson text: Mark 5:21-43 This section of Mark contains a miracle account within a miracle account. Jesus is approached by synagogue leader Jairus, whose daughter is gravely ill. Jesus agrees to heal the girl and they head to Jairus’ home, along with a huge crowd. But en route, a desperately ill woman touches Jesus, hoping for healing. This bold act on her part gets Jesus’ attention, leading to an enlightening conversation. Lesson worksheet Header image by Patrick Gillespie on Unsplash.

Mark: Lesson 9

Lesson text: Mark 4:21-41 Most of the remainder of chapter four recounts Jesus teaching in parables. Jesus explains that an individual will receive in proportion to what they commit. Those who demonstrate faith and a willingness to learn will be rewarded with more. Those who reject the message will lose what little they have received. Jesus then teaches about the growth of the church with two more agricultural parables. The chapter ends with Jesus calming the sea during an unexpected…