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Mark: Lesson 21

Lesson text: Mark 9:14-29 Jesus and his “inner circle” of Peter, James, and John come down from the mountain to a major uproar. The other disciples are in an argument with some Jewish scribes. The dispute seems to be centered around a demon-possessed boy. The nine who didn’t go up the mountain cannot exorcise the demon. The boy’s father is beside himself. In the midst of this turmoil stands Jesus. What he does and says next are lessons on the…

Mark: Lesson 2

Lesson text: Mark 1:16-31 As Jesus begins his public ministry, He calls the first four of his primary disciples. Setting up Capernaum as His base of operations, He goes into the synagogue on the Sabbath. There Jesus astonishes the people with both His teaching and His power over a demon. The section concludes with Jesus healing Peter’s mother-in-law. Lesson worksheet Header image by Pedro Kümmel on Unsplash