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Mark: Lesson 23

Lesson text: Mark 10:1-16 As Jesus and his disciples head for Jerusalem, He is challenged by the Pharisees. This time, they confront Him regarding His position on divorce. Jesus presents God’s ideal for marriage, which precludes divorce. Later the disciples ask Jesus to explain this further. He tells them that divorcing a spouse and remarrying is an act of adultery. At this point people begin to bring their children to Jesus for His blessing. The disciples attempt to turn the…

Mark: Lesson 17

Lesson text: Mark 7:24-37 Jesus and His disciples make their way to Phoenicia. There Jesus encounters a Gentile woman whose daughter is demon-possessed. What follows is a fun and instructive conversation between the Lord and this desperate mother. The group then travels to the Decapolis, where the crowd brings Jesus a deaf man who also has a speech impediment. Jesus’ encounter with this man is unique and personal. Lesson worksheet Header image by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash.